About CBD Belfast

Welcome to CBD Belfast, where our goal is simple: bringing the good people of Belfast premium CBD products without the premium price tags.

We offer a variety of CBD oils, edibles, and topicals, all of which are made with the finest ingredients.

You’ve probably noticed, CBD is legal now in Northern Ireland, which should mean easier access without digging too deep into your wallet. But reality check – prices out there are soaring, and it just doesn’t sit right with us.

Here’s how we’re changing the game and keeping costs down

Direct Sourcing Advantage: By cultivating direct relationships with trusted suppliers who obtain products directly from producers, we’ve eliminated the middleman. This approach not only cuts costs but allows us to extend these savings to you.

Practicality Over Glamour: Our emphasis is on substance rather than extravagant packaging. Our commitment lies in channeling our resources into the product itself, not its presentation.

Efficiency-Driven Excellence: Through streamlined operations, we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding CBD products. Our focus on efficiency ensures that you receive unparalleled quality without unnecessary frills.

Effortless Operations: Our online shop and local delivery service have eradicated the necessity for retail premises and the associated rent expenses.

Seamless In-House Delivery: Our products are delivered directly by us, eliminating third-party involvement and potential delays.

Straightforward Payment: We exclusively offer cash on delivery sales, avoiding any payment gateways or platforms that could increase costs for customers through added fees.

Simplicity for All: Our purpose centers around a modest and down-to-earth lifestyle, which translates to a lower profit margin. Our aim is to strike a balance and meet our needs without excessive materialism.

To the hardworking folks of Belfast, this one’s for you. We’re here to make sure you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without straining your wallet. It’s about time you got the quality you deserve, at a price that’s fair. CBDBelfast – quality meets affordability. Join us in this new way of wellness.